Colleen A. Hanlon, PhD Professor

Dr. Colleen A. Hanlon is a professor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, wherein she leads a new Electromagnetic Therapeutics Research Program. She has spent her career identifying neural circuit irregularities in patients with drug and alcohol use disorders, and modulating these circuits with non-invasive brain stimulation. She leads 3 NIH-supported R01 awards and is part of two NIH P50 centers interested in translating preclinical brain stimulation knowledge into a treatment that can be delivered to patients with alcohol and substance use disorders. In 2015, she was honored with the Early Career Investigator award from the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Recently she served as the senior author on the first “Consensus Paper” published by a group of over 70 scientists from over 10 countries outlining the path forward for Non-Invasive Therapeutic Development for Addiction. She loves science and being a scientist (!!) – the process and the privilege. Perhaps more than the actual data analysis and writing however, she is finds a unique joy in mentoring and nurturing the creative ideas among her students and her colleagues. She participates in the research training and education community at both a local level (serving as a mentor to over 50 medical, graduate, post-graduate, and fellowship trainees since 2005 on a national and international scale) and national level.

Wake Forest School of Medicine
Winston Salem, SC

PL04 Plenary Session IV - Broader Perspectives in Neuromodulation